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The company is in the domain of creating the most sophisticated Savonius wind turbine and also provides solutions for increasing the energy density of wind farms. The company persistently carries out the advancement of technical delicacy along with developing state-of-the-art technology for energy generation.

From mechanical devices like wind turbines to power electronics circuits, our team under guidance from various industry experts is knocking up every domain to facilitate the need to optimize and further enhance the wind energy industry.

We are planning to lay out our cluster of vertical axis turbines between the 2 MW HAWTS(horizontal axis wind turbine) to increase the energy density of wind farms

Accompanying this, the blade of the turbine has a patented design of nose and spacer pattern which increases the efficiency of our turbine by 22.3%.
This unique pattern creates the passage for the air particles to pass through, hence reducing the opposite drag faced by the turbine blades.

We are augmenting our power into the HAWTs so that we can utilize the already existing transformers and frequency converters to feed our power in the grid, reducing the overall cost of per unit generation of electricity.

In addition to that, we are also working on the generator design, to minimize the resistance losses, and also boost the conversion efficiency of mechanical energy into electrical energy.

So all the details mentioned above signify our exertion in various domains and also we are embracing innovative ideas to research out cutting-edge technology for the future 

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